Retail stores closed, Airlines operating at a fraction of their capacity, the Hospitality sector in turmoil, we are amidst some unprecedented times. Covid 19 has impacted every nature and size of business. During these turbulent times how brands engage with their internal and external stakeholders is extremely crucial.

Every stakeholder of a corporation is wondering about aspects like business continuity, job security, and capability of the business to weather this storm and corporations need to address these factors when designing and executing their brand communication.

The COVID19 crisis has brought about a significant shift in a brand’s communication. In the case of start-ups, it is a difficult time. Along with various other challenges they are undoubtedly faced with significant challenges in designing a brand communication strategy.

In a post COVID19 scenario, the earlier paradigm of promotion and brand awareness campaign is no longer the only requirement. In the present-day context brand messaging has to be more community-centric, not product or service-centric.

It is important to understand that every market or individual that corporations are dealing with is being affected because of this pandemic. Therefore, the focus should shift from product promotion marketing messages to compassion and informative in every possible way.

Running a sales pitch driven marketing campaign is counter-intuitive as both brands and individuals are focussed on sustaining their operations or finding ways to circumvent this crisis.

Let us discuss some of the key tenets of brand communication for corporations to help them better engage with their stakeholders.


In these times with limited access to marketing budget focus for corporations should be to create your brand’s visibility through organic means. With each marketing channel having a different kind of audience, a corporation needs to work in an innovative manner to build traction and engagement. With the inherent viral nature of content sharing on social media using an online channel will help a brand get recognition and would probably become the primary means of communication with its customer.


On various platforms, where a corporation’s customers are active highlight how core operations are being run and SLA’S are being adhered to even with various complexities of running operations in a distributed manner. With physical interaction not possible now, use tools like Zoom and WebEx to spread the information regarding the change in your operational process.

Grow customer intimacy via emails and in-app notification to keep your customers, prospects, and employees engaged.

Look at how Uber is doing this from an earlier messaging where it used to encourage people to move about and used its services now it’s asking people to stay at home.




In the coming days, all sectors of business are going to witness severe changes.  New challenges will appear. From supply chain disturbance to communication and customer behaviour changes, the competition will get real. Things are never going to be the same for Businesses post the COVID pandemic as it is going to have a lasting impact.

Customers will be facing a lot of challenges for months and years. Therefore, a corporation’s marketing strategy should focus on understanding the changing customer needs and helping them cope with the current scenario by educating them about the workarounds that could help them address this current situation.

If a corporation can successfully anticipate future needs and problems, it will succeed. Its product and service portfolio will also face changes. So, corporations must effectively manage this transformation and communicate clearly with their employees, existing and new clients. As a marketing d5rivcen organization corporations need to embrace this scenario and make the most out of it. Sure, there is a risk, but that is what business is all about.




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