Who We Are

Vichinth in Sanskrit means to think, we started Vichinth out of a passion, passion to serve small enterprises, over the years after having worked with a range of corporations we saw the challenges that small and medium-sized technology corporations face. Challenges that they could easily overcome if they had access to the right expertise. Vichinth is a journey embarked upon by individuals who have extensive experience in the technology sales, marketing and research domain.

Unlike large corporations that have the financial wherewithal to make mistakes and survive; startups have to sustain their operation on a shoestring budget which results in a large workload for some of the key personnel.

Our experience has shown that key executives in an organization are people who have an excellent understanding of their product or service but when it comes to a comprehensive knowledge of the business scenario they are found lacking. Your target audience is increasingly bombarded by messages through different mediums; for example, American Consumers saw a total of 61 minutes of advertisement a day, add this on an annual basis you would need to invest Billions of Dollars to be able to build the visibility that a well-entrenched player has built over the years. Vichinth is currently being incubated by ANDC inStart Foundation.