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  GUIDE TO GLOBAL OUTSOURCING RATES   At the end of the millennia when corporations across the globe were in a panic state because of the Y2K issue to circa 2021, outsourcing has come a full circle. When software outsourcing first started taking shape in the early 1990’s it was still for mundane work. This…

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2020- The year that was

  2020- The year that was Throwback to 2019   Circa 2019 Global Economy was booming, stock markets and brent crude oil prices were high and people were leading a normal life. Countries like China which was growing at 6.3% and India with 7.4% growth were indicators of the direction that global economy was taking.…

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How to Use Social Media to validate your ideas and find your first customers, before you launch?

Startups have adopted a number of strategies to launch a new product, we talked about Lean Startup in one of our earlier blogs, which for long has been one of the foundational blocks of a startups product launch strategy. Most of these strategies have incorporated, developing a prototype, and taking it to the initial set…

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Brand Communication Techniques In Times Of COVID19

Retail stores closed, Airlines operating at a fraction of their capacity, the Hospitality sector in turmoil, we are amidst some unprecedented times. Covid 19 has impacted every nature and size of business. During these turbulent times how brands engage with their internal and external stakeholders is extremely crucial. Every stakeholder of a corporation is wondering…

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From Cave man to Iron Man- The story of transition of a modern day Sales rep

As often quoted Sales has been one of the oldest profession in the world. From the time the cave man produced that extra bushel of wheat to present day when multiple touch points are needed before a customer is ready to make a purchase. In an earlier era when a Sales representative was the custodian…

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How startups and small businesses can hack their way to sales success

Startups and small businesses sometimes come across the challenge of coming face to face with a large competitor and are flummoxed on how to handle this challenge. Just look at the domain in which corporations like Salesforce, Workday, Freshdesk, and Zoho started. They all had competition from big corporations. Siebel was a large player in…

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Lean marketing

With Reducing budgets and a fragmented market place corporations have to look at innovative mechanisms to undertake marketing. The old formula of running million dollar ad but vague outcomes to justify this investment for is no longer feasible.   But how exactly to undertake marketing in this changed paradigm marketing which gives definitive outcomes. Undertaking…

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Are you creating magic?

When Steve Jobs launched the Iphone… when Edison invented the lightbulb… in fact when Bezos thought of creating the world’s largest bookstore they were all creating magic. Quite a few businesses forget the importance of creating magic in there customers life… They forget that the one question that they should repeatedly ask themselves is how…

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Artificial Intelligence In Sales- Are you ready for it?

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing sales be it the chatbot that interacts seamlessly with a prospective customer on an eCommerce site or an artificial intelligence trigger that alerts a sales representative to reach out to a prospect based on similar patterns. The use case for ML & AI are many. AI is fast…

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